JIEDO Concluded a strategic partnership with “AQUAM”, a startup that creates water from air

Japan International Economic Development Organization (JIEDO) has formed a strategic partnership with AQUAM Co., Ltd., a startup company with the concept of “creating clean water for all … from the air” in global expansion overseas.

Aiming for a society where everyone in the world can obtain clean water by utilizing “technology to make water from air”

There are many people in the world who have difficulty getting clean water.
Aquam provides water from new water sources in a variety of situations, from portable and in-vehicle personal use to industrial and agricultural water in areas where water is difficult to obtain, and water station projects where many people can use water at once. We aim to develop products that can be made and create a society where everyone can obtain clean water.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (JIEDO) of Japan plans to fully support the “AQUAM” business together with companies and organizations that can support research and development, production, finance, and global expansion from our overseas partnership companies and organizations.