Japan International Economic Development Organization (JIEDO) participates in smart city project

Japan International Economic Development Organization (JIEDO) is in the smart city project with iFREE GROUP, the core company of the smart city project, which is planned in the Greater Bay Area (Awa Port, Macau, including China, Hong Kong and Macau), which has been greatly developed in recent years. We have agreed to participate jointly.

iFREE GROUP has seven investment banks under its umbrella along with the company’s latest technologies such as telecommunications, I0T, AI, robotics, big data and edge computing, and is promoting the smart city project in the rapidly developing Greater Bay area. We have also established R & D innovation centers at Hong Kong Shue Yan University and other locations to actively invest in the latest technologies.

This time, the Japan International Economic Development Organization (JIEDO) is supporting Japanese companies with the latest technology related to smart city projects and excellent Japanese architects and interior product designers to bridge the gap for participation in this Greater Bay Area smart city project. I will do it.